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Monthy Intuitive Practice Group

Hello! We invite you to be a part of our monthly Intuitive Practice Group, a nurturing space for like-minded individuals to cultivate and explore their intuitive gifts.


Date: First Sunday of Every Month

Time: 4pm Arizona Time.

New meeting link provided for each session and will be sent to you after payment has been received. 

To ensure the continuation of these empowering sessions, there is a small fee of $4.44 payable before each meeting. (Pay at the bottom of any page, click the drop-down then Intuitive Practice Group then Buy Now. There is an option to choose another payment source like cc or debit. If you have any issues, please just let me know and we can use a different method.)


Our practice groups offer a safe, supportive environment where you can connect with kindred spirits and deepen your intuitive abilities. If you're interested or have any questions, please contact me at the number/email below.


Let's embark on this intuitive exploration together!

Warm regards, Dana Davidson.

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